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Oh by the way

Hi again. I live. I sorta died for a while- school decided to be a pita. Sorry about that. Anywho, I'm back now, and will be trying once again to properly update this thing. My 17th birthday is coming up, and next year at school I'm planning on starting a Harry Potter fanclub. Suggestions for meetings would be much appreciated.

Writer's Block: Twilight is nearing

How do you feel about the upcoming Twilight film? Are you a fan or a critical bystander?

I'm back now. I think.

By the way, pumpkin scones are yum.


I really hate when someone says that my original characters, whom I tend to exaggerate in some way or another (such as Haruka, who desperately needs anger management... and jail time) are 'just like them'.

They aren't.

Haruka is an angry, music-obsessed, anti-social brat who needs jail time for all the people she's hospitalized and she looks like a boy.
Akane and Joruri are backstabbing, traitorous demons who view the world as their plaything, and therefore will destroy it once they're bored with it. They hate everyone aside from each other, and even then, they don't trust each other.
Lily is a socially awkward genius who doesn't care if she lives or dies.
Kuro is a FUCKING WITCH who avoids going outside at all costs and will attack her own mother if she tries to drag her out.
Annie is a meek, quiet time traveler who falls for a complete and utter jerkass!

THEY. ARE NOT. SUPPOSED. TO REMIND. YOU. OF. YOURSELF. I over exaggerate traits that everyone has and make them almost unrealistic in that aspect! Do Akane and Joruri interact with Hiei and Kurama? Yes. Does Haruka attend Ouran? Yes. Is Lily a scientist of the Black Order? Yes. Does Kuro meet Tohru? Yes. Does Annie manage to make said jerkass she falls in love with change? ...Just a lil bit, but eh's still a jerkass.

So they do things YOU want to do. So they look the way you wish you did. So they have powers that you wish you did. So they interact with your favorite characters.

They do not exist for ANYONE'S wish fulfillment. Not yours. Not mine. They exist to entertain me in roleplays (on Haruka's part) and fanfics (on all the others' parts). They are designed to be NOTHING like you. Now SHUT UP and get it through your thick heads! They will NEVER be like you! NEVER.

O hai guess what!

It's my birthday! Yup I'm sixteen. so where's the sparkly magic? Everyone makes a big deal about being sixteen that I was expecting it. so where is it?

On another not, Oreo cheesecake. It is delicious.


I can't find a good HarryXLuna story to save my life. Sad.

I'm having a book craving....

I really. REALLY. Want to read Harry Potter all of a sudden. I don't know why. Can't go anywhere either cuz I'm not in the best of shape at the moment. Instead I'll just go through Potter Sues and mock em.

Also, I like my new userpic. Dont you? Not acurate enough, really, but oh well. Close as it's gonna get.


Just got back from North Carolina (my brother's High School graduation) and let me tell you, two four hour flights and two 9-10 hour drives is NOT fun. At all. Shit,  I don't even remember what I did in NC.

...I'll post that when I eventually remember.

It's almost time!

School is almost out! HUZZAH! Tomorrow is the last learning day, and then the next week is just... whatever. Not many people are going to show up.

My feet HURT D:


Kingdom of Loathing. Hee.

I recently made one... and by recently, I mean less than a minute ago. My character is Wing_Feather, the Disco Bandit. XD Currently adventuring in Noob Cave.


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