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jammerz93's Journal

I'm a fantard, yes, but I'm a fantard who doesnt pair up every single straight guy in a fandom and then say it's canon. So I guess I'm a fantard who knows how to behave. I like to draw, a lot, and will be taking several art classes throughout my school years. I write fanfictions, and i am a fan of canonXoc, but i'm also reasonable when writing such. Or at least, I hope so...

Characters I fangirl over:

Tao Ren- Shaman King
Toshiro Hitsugaya- Bleach
Hikaru Hitachiin- Ouran High School Host Club
Artemis Fowl- Artemis Fowl
Marth- Fire Emblem
Hiei- Yu Yu Hakusho
Zexion- Kingdom Hearts

New Maintainer of daily_badfic

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The Hanagumi are Flower Love.

Tamaki Is Dork Love